The conferences will start at 5:30pm.

We wanted to have a dynamic program to share within the community. Here is the content:

Mots d'ouverture (5 min.)Sylvain Pasini (Black Alps)
[Keynote] Deux ans de cybercriminalité dans le rétro (15 min.)Julien Cartier (Police Cantonale Vaudoise)
Unveiling the inner secrets of Electron applications (10 min.)Sylvain Pelissier
Taking the (quantum) leap with Go (10 min.)Mathilde Raynal
Investigating the ransomware group Conti (5 min.)Charles Le Reun  (SEKOIA.IO)
Open doors at the local gym (10 min.)Samuel Mertenat
Mapping and visualising IP allocation data (10 min.)Bertil Chapuis (HEIG-VD)
Healthcare Protection by (10 min.)Roman Hüssy / Reto Inversini (
Hardening Kubernetes Application Within and Beyond the Cluster  (10 min.)Ozrenko Dragic (

Exceptionnally this year, the conferences will not be recorded.

Video records from previous years

You can access the records of the talks from the previous years on our Youtube channel.